Procurement and Negotiation

PTC offers a no cost assessment of the current service providers.  Our team will analyze your current expense areas and provide scenarios to improve the overall value of the agreement.  Our team will suggest the best approach to achieve optimum results in the most efficient manner.

Telecom Optimization & Cost Reduction

Wireline & Wireless Services: PTC will identify unused, and unnecessary services/charges that will result in cost savings and cost avoidance. Optimization ensures that the in-production services are procured in the most efficient manner. PTC will present, implement and validate each cost reduction/optimization until the results are realized on your invoices.

Telecom Cost Validation and Recovery

PTC performs telecommunications price validation thru a thorough analysis of your current invoices matched with your contracts, amendments, purchase orders and tariffs. Once over-charges are identified, PTC engages the vendor by submitting formal disputes. PTC then ensures the proper adjustment is credited to your account.

Cloud Management

The largest cost driver within an IT organization is Cloud Spend. Enterprises are taking advantage of 'off-premises' capabilities through Cloud based hosting environments. Without proper insight and guidance, the Cloud costs could skyrocket. PTC will assist and guide our clients and avoid sticker shock on their monthly invoices.


Software Purchases, Renewals & Audits

This is not a cookie cutter & commoditized spend category.  Millions upon Millions of dollars are over-spent in this category.  Our network of advisors make an immediate impact in this category.